Cross-diagnosis Psychiatric Neuroimaging

Taking charge of the Psychiatric Imaging Center (PIC) at the Shanghai Mental Health Center, we have constructed a cross-mental disorder neuroimaging database.

Currently, the database posses 7000+ samples of neuroimaging data, covering 10+ major diagnosis categories. We are working on common and specific neuroimaging features across mental disorders.

Plus: We have a data scientist position available, and the primary responsibility of the candidate is to build statistical models based on these data.


Zhi Yang Ph.D
Principle Investigator
Professor of Institute of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Xiaochen Zhang Ph.D
Research Fellow
Ph.D of Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Qingfeng Li M.Sc
Neuroimaging Data Analyst
M.Sc of Biomedical Engineering, Southern Medical University
Lijuan Jiang M.Sc
Lijuan Jiang M.Sc
Assistant Professor
M.Sc of Neuroscience, Fudan University