Brain Charts for Preschool Children

The preschool brain growth chart provides a standardized model for the individualized and refined assessment of the golden period of brain development, and is a basic tool for children's brain research. A "brain development score" inferred from brain growth charts also helps in early identification of a variety of brain developmental disorders.

We present growth charts of 90 brain regional morphometric features. Please select sex, hemisphere, and a region name to view the corresponding growth charts.

The growth charts were build based on brain images of 265 typically developing children.

Please refer to the following paper for details:

Hongxi Zhang, Jia Li, Xiaoli Su, Yang Hu, Tianmei Liu, Shaoqing Ni, Haifeng Li, Xi-Nian Zuo, Junfen Fu, Ti-Fei Yuan, Zhi Yang, Growth charts of brain morphometry for preschool children,NeuroImage,2022,119178,